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Lil Athletes Soccer was created over 10 years ago. Our program started out as “SoccerTots”, a franchised child development soccer program for kids ages 20 months-6 years. Throughout the past few years, our Soccer program serves 100’s of children per year. Our Tot Soccer program utilize a variety of fun and games to make learning soccer a wonderful experience. The curriculum follows progression and modification, which is designed to promote physical fitness, skill learning, and self-confidence in every child. Each class is 45 minutes long. Our classes are offered 7-week sessions throughout the year.

Soccer Class Descriptions

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.

Lil Athletes First Start Soccer (20-35 MONTHS)

This parent participation class uses a variety of props and games to engage toddlers in the sport of Soccer. Simple motor skills are addressed like
kicking, running, and jumping. Soccer specific skills are introduced in a fun way Dribbling/Headers/Punting).

Soccer-Mini's (3/4 yrs)

Our Soccer Mini class is filled with exciting Soccer Activities geared toward the 3/4 yr olds. Each class focuses on individual Soccer skills such as dribbling and shooting. Coaches use specific Soccer key terms to reinforce the use of “feet” and limit the use of hands. Coaches use various FUN props such as hula hoops, ladders, hurdles, cones and MORE!

Athletes Soccer (4/5 yrs)

Our Athletes Soccer class teaches Soccer skills in a dynamic and fun way. More individual and team skills are focused in this class. Coaches focus on more controlled dribbling (changing speeds, direction etc). Children learn to proper shooting techniques. The last 10 minutes of the class is dedicated to small sided game play to reinforce the learned Soccer skills

Soccer Available Classes

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