Youth Lacrosse Programs

LAX Tots

Our Youth Lacrosse Programs are designed to teach children (Age 3-6 years) Lacrosse by breaking down the basics of the game in an exciting way! Each class mixes skill specific activities as well as an opportunity for children to burn some energy! Through the first year, LAXTots has grown from 12 children to over 100 children throughout Long Island! Instructors teach children how to scoop, cradle, and shoot as well as offensive and defensive strategies. Our youth lacrosse programs are NON-CONTACT, so children are able to learn the basic skills without having to worry about wearing a ton of equipment!

Youth Lacrosse Programs

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.

Mini-Stars (3 years)

Mini-Stars curriculum introduces children to important fundamentals of Lacrosse such as: scooping, cradling, and shooting. Developmentally appropriate equipment is used to provide children with a safe and fun experience in a LAXTots class! Each class is full of energy and children will love mixing fitness and lacrosse specific skills in every class.

Rising Stars/SuperStars (4/5 years)

Rising Stars/Superstars curriculum expands and reinforces the knowledge learned in a Mini-Star class. Coaches breakdown the 3 main components in lacrosse (Scoop, Cradle, and Shooting), however, also add offensive (dodging) and defensive moves. With the use of various fun equipment and props, children have a blast in this class! Small-sided games are played during the middle of the session to allow children to participate in a Lacrosse game (Non-Contact).


LA KIDS, our newest program for our graduating athletes, features a blend between skills and gameplay. Children in this class learn offensive and defensive strategies as well as experience playing with equipment. Every class will end with a 15-20 minute game to reinforce the learned skills in each class. Offered currently in Huntington and West Hempstead locations.

LAX Tots Available Classes

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