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Touchdown Tots

Youth Football Programs

Touchdown Tots

Lil Athletes Sports is proud to introduce “Touchdown Tots” Preschool Football Program (Ages 3-5 yrs). We have youth football programs that will teach your children the right way to play football.

Touchdown Tots Class Descriptions

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.


Rookies (3 years)

Children at this level learn basic fundamentals of Football such as Throwing and Catching. Classes will focus on learning these skills, as well as, creative ways to teach children common Football positions. Children will remain active and get to first experience the game of Football. (Non Tackle)


Pro Bowlers/Heismans (3.5-5 years)

Children at this level continue to build upon learning the Football fundamentals as well as grasp the different Football positions and key terms. Children now can identify different positions such as Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running Back.
Defensive positions will be introduced in a fun and engaging way. Small Sided games played toward end of the class session. (Non Tackle)


Lil Athletes Flag Football Instructional League (5-6 years)

Children at this level experience advanced concepts of throwing and catching. Each class will introduce different targets and players will learn various Football terms (Blitz, sack, first down, pass coverage etc.) Each class children will be playing a 10-15 minute ambien no prescription game at the end to reinforce learned skills. (Non Tackle)

Touchdown Tots Available Classes

Winter 2 2018 7-week Session:  February 27th-April 23rd
7-week session price: *$160

*Register after January 24th, price goes up to $170

Fall 1 2018 7-week Session-September 6th-October 21st

7-week early bird session price:

Single Sport Classes-*$165 for 7 weeks

Multi-Sport Classes- *$170 for 7 weeks 

*Early Bird Price ends August 1st


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