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LA KIDS (5-6 yrs) is one of our youth sports classes that challenges our former “Tot Athletes” and gives them to next step to their athletic careers.  LA KIDS classes focus on a mixture of skills and gameplay to reinforce learned skills.  We currently offer Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Lacrosse classes!

LA KIDS Class Descriptions

Ages, descriptions, and info about all of our classes.

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LA KIDS Baseball (5-6 yrs)

LA KIDS Baseball teaches our ball players proper mechanics of throwing, fielding, base running, and hitting.  Each week coaches focus on certain skills and then wrap the class up with a game.  This class further prepares players for little league t-ball or the start of coach pitch.


LA KIDS Basketball (5-6 yrs)

LA KIDS Basketball teaches children proper dribbling, shooting, and passing mechanics.  Coaches focus on offensive and defensive strategy and a game is played at the end of every class.


LA KIDS Lacrosse (5-6 yrs)

LA KIDS Lacrosse teaches children proper way to scoop, cradle, and shoot with full lacrosse uniform being worn.  Players in LA KIDS Lacrosse must be fully geared up (Helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and mouth piece).  Small sided game play will be played at the end of every class.  Great next step for young LAX players wanting to gain an extra edge on the field.

LA KIDS Available Classes

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Winter 2 2017 7-week Session-March 1st-April 25th
7-week session price: $170


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